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Waterjet cutting machine requires many consumable parts. To get the best perfomence out of the machine,  high quality consumable parts and regular maintenance are necessary. Here at UltraJet Waterjet, we provide our customers with high quality yet very resonalbe priced spare parts to help you achieve highest profit.

High Pressure Waterjet Pump

State of the art high pressure pump for waterjet cutting purpose. This high pressure pump is of intensifier type. Max pressure is 420 Mpa (60000 psi). Power rating of the pump is 30HP, 50HP or 100HP (dual intensifiers)

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CNC Waterjet Cutting Table and Controller

High accuracy, high reliability CNC servo driven table and controller. Specailly useful for waterjet cutting machine, laser cutting machine, router and many other CNC machinery.

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Automatic Abrasive Feeder for continuous waterjet cutting

Automatically feed abrasive to the cutting head. Specially useful for the large cutting tables. Requires 100 PSI pneumatic source, Capacity 45 Gal, Self detection of Low/full status of reservoir and start/stop feeding.

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Full abrasive waterjet cutting system

We can also provide full abrasive waterjet cutting system. The waterjet cutter system includes high pressure pump,
overpass or cantilever CNC cutting table, and CNC controller. Software and hoper is also available. Oil Chiller
is optional for closed loop systems.

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Intensifier and Spare Parts

short block 40/60kpsi intensifier details check valve
high pressure seal

high presure cylinder
intensifier plunger
long life nozzle

4-20mA pressure
transducer details

Cutting head assembly
Long block intensifier

We also have M60, M80 and M100 abrasive garnet for waterjet cutting.
Bulk Density: about 140-150lb/ft3
Hardness: > 7.0 Moh
Purity: > 95%
Grain size of abrasive garnet
M60: 250 micro meter
M80: 180 micro meter
M100: 150 micro meter

Garnet Price:
M60: USD$190/ton
M80: USD$190/ton
M100: USD$190/ton

Package in 25kg or 55lb bags minimum order 20tons


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